World’s top five fighter jets

Fighter jets are designed primarily to attack ground targets and establish air superiority over the battlefield. Ever since the Second World War, air force serves as the backbone of the defense of any country and a number of fighter jets have been designed and manufactured since then, the hallmark being speed, maneuverability, and smaller size. Here is a list of the five best fighter jets of the world.


F-22 Raptor (United States):

The F-22 is amongst the vest fighter jets in the world and leads in the race. Designed and manufactured for the US Air Force, it is extremely advanced. The highest speed of the Raptor is Mach2.25 (2,140km/hr) at altitude or Mach 1.82(1,963km/hr) at supercruise. The combat radius of the jet is 759 km and its Ferry range is 3,129km with a thrust of 1.08.

F18 J5006 en rejointe M

F-18 (United States of America):

The F-18 Super Hornet is designed and manufactured by the United States and has a Max speed of 1,190 mph at an altitude of 40,000ft. It can effectively work within a range of 2346km without refueling. The jet has a combat radius of 722km and a ferry range of 3330km. The thrust of the jet is 0.93 and wing loading is 453kg/m2.


J-10 (China):

This amazing fighter jet manufactured in China is one of the few best fighter jets in the world and has a maximum speed of Mach 1.2 on sea and Mach1.9 at altitude with a combat radius of 2540km. The wing loading of J-10 is 335km/m2 and its service ceiling is 18000m.


Rafale (France):

The maximum speed of the Rafale from France is Mach 2 i.e. 1290 knots at high altitude and 750 knots at low altitudes. The combat radius is 1852+km and has a range of 3700km. The service ceiling and thrust of the fighter jet are 168000 and 1.13 respectively.

Euro-fighter Typhoon (Germany, UK, Italy and Spain):

With a maximum speed of Mach 2+ at high altitude and Mach1.2 at low altitude, this is the second best fighter jet in the world and its range is 2900km. The ferry range of the jet is 3790km and rate of climb is 632000 ft. the service ceiling and wing loading of the Euro-fighter are 65000ft and 307kg/m2 respectively.


All of these fighter jets are manufactured and designed using extremely advanced technology to ensure complete air dominance.

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