Weird doorknockers with an interesting design

Door knockers are nothing new, but the ones we are mentioning here are those crazy, funny yet interesting door knockers that are a brainchild of modern creative designers who never hesitate to think out of the box. Scroll through and enjoy a list of unique and weird door knockers:

Bronze cat and mouse door knocker

Bronze cat and mouse door knocker

Derek Bernstein is an artist based in Pennsylvania who makes amazing looking bronze cat and mouse door knockers. The artist makes these doorknockers with the help of traditional wax casting techniques. The technique that the artist uses gives stunning and surprising outputs that you can see for yourself. Every doorknocker is unique, and has a sign and a number. Although they are meant to be used as doorknockers some people find them so lovely that they decide to use them as wall sculptures as well.

A doorknocker with balls

A doorknocker with balls 2

Now this one is weird but actually a good way to avoid those unwanted people who keep finding silly reasons to come to your place. It is a naked bronze man with hanging balls, and who so ever wants to knock your door has to knock his balls. Probably people will start avoiding coming to your place because of the whole banging the balls part, but that’s a risk you should be willing to take. It would not be wrong to say that the door with this doorknocker on it really has balls to shun unwanted people.

The hello kiss doorknocker

The hello kiss doorknocker

This lovely doorknocker is inspired by a lover’s kiss. It is a cast metal doorknocker that represents a couple kissing each other. The base is the woman’s face, and the knocker is the man’s face. Every time someone knocks this doorknocker, the couple gets to kiss each other.

Cowboy boot doorknocker

Cowboy boot doorknocker

This doorknocker gives a feeling that we are kicking at someone’s door. It is a doorknocker inspired by cowboy boots. It is a beautifully made piece that resembles a golden colored cowboy boot. Just slam the boot on the door to knock.

The Woodpecker doorknocker

The Woodpecker doorknocker 2

A lovely piece that shows a woodpecker, every time you press, it pecks on the door. It is indeed a lovely thought.


Doorknockers have a very important purpose to serve but the ones that we get today are not only useful but they are attractive piece hung on doors.

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