Wall Hook Designs Offering Elegance that Comes With Creativity

The quintessential wall hooks are a staple décor item in many households that can hold anything from your clothes to essential items like key chains, belts and even accessories. Therefore, it would be better to change them in a way that they complement the modernistic appeal of your home. Here are some creative, unique and cool wall hooks we feel every house should have.

Snow Drop Multifunctional Hanger

Snow Drop Multifunctional Hanger

Designed by Dan Henriksson, the multifunctional wall hook looks stylish and serves its purpose well. Resembling a snow-covered tree, the wall hook has several hooks and tiny shelves where you can store essentials like iPods and key chains. The “Snow Drop” offers you a simple and yet, stylish clothes hanger that would make eyes pop for sure.

Drop XL Paint Drop Coat Hanger_2

Drop XL Paint Drop Coat Hanger

Designed by Julian Appelius, this coat hanger would be just perfect for the artist in you. The hanger resembles dripping paint and comes in six different colors as well as two different sizes. Putting these hangers on your walls would amaze everyone how you managed to transform a bad paint job into a functional décor item.

Hook Boxes Designed by Luca Nichetto,

Hook Boxes

Designed by Luca Nichetto, these wall hooks would be perfect for hanging your clothes and storing essential items like keys and loose change. Made of ceramic, these hook boxes are the ultimate storage and organization option that every homeowner looks for.

Cubby Coat Hook Designed by Matt Carr

Cubby Coat Hook

The Cubby Coat Hook by Materious comes with an outer surface where you can hang your scarves, coats, belts and purses. It also has an inner surface to store wallets, sunglasses, keys, gloves, etc. They come in different colors and can be attached anywhere on the wall, thus allowing you to be creative with the design.

Hookaboo Designed by Matt Carr


Designed by Matt Carr, the Hookaboo is a functional wall hanger that you can fold when not in use, thereby avoiding injuries that occur when you accidentally bump into wall hooks in the dark. Made of bamboo, the wall hook has four protruding metal hangers, which you can collapse into the hook after use.

The Hook Anemone wall hanger by Anders Ljunberg

Hook Anemone

The Hook Anemone wall hanger by Anders Ljunberg takes its design from underwater life and looks like an anemone. It can act as the perfect place to hang your clothes as well as accessories like rings, bangles, bracelets, chains and what not! It is still in the prototype stage though.


A wall hook is the perfect place to hang your clothes and other essentials at home. So opt for some creative and unique wall hooks that can both look snazzy and be fully functional.

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