Walk-in shower designs for a stunning bathroom

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, then consider innovative walk-in shower designs to make it look and feel different and interesting. There are many appealing walk-in shower designs available in the market that will not only make your shower more functional, but also elegant and modern.

Going for unique and space-saving designs can also help you create or install a walk-in shower anywhere you like. Here are some creative walk-in shower designs to help you choose the right one according to your needs and likings.

Glass-enclosed showers

Glass-enclosed Walk-in shower

If you want the look and feel of a spa, you can achieve it by using glass doors in your walk-in showers. If you use light-colored glasses, you can give an open feel to your shower, while making it look bright. For a slightly private feel, you may also design the shower in a corner of and keep the rest of the space open for dressing up, washing and cleaning purposes.

En-suite showers

En-suite shower

These types of showers come with glass doors to ensure privacy in personal spaces. Usually, you will find no boundaries separating the suite and the shower. Presenting a modern and appealing design, the walk-in shower with a glass door is designed for private suites only.

Well-lit showers

Well-lit showers

If you want the sunshine to enter your shower, you need to place it in a corner where light can filter through its windows. You can also think of a place that has an open roof. Then you can cover the open roof area with a glass cover to let the sunlight enter your shower. For more brightness, you can add some extra artificial lights too.

Standout showers

Standout walk in showers

These showers actually stand out within the space by adding small steps at the entry. However, these showers usually come with glass doors. You need to be creative to make your walk-in shower look beautiful and trendy. For instance, you may use mosaic tiles on the back wall or make in-wall shelves to save space and draw attention towards the shower.

Open showers

Open walk in showers

Open showers can save a lot of space, as they do not have double showers. These types of designs also look more spacious and give a comfortable feel. You can add some natural stuff to give them a greener, natural feel.

Nowadays, homeowners are using creative ideas to make their walk-in shower trendy and beautiful. While en-suite showers are more private, open and standout showers give a more relaxing feel.

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