Walk In Closet Designs For Every Personality Type

Believe it or not, traces of you can even be found in how you organize your life-from walk in closet designs and storage to the contents of your home office-if you’re stuck on one way of organizing, chances are people have come to know it.

Most of us tend to sway one way or another when it comes to organizational styles and designs. For instance, you may find yourself set on high-end, luxury storage systems for each room of the house, or are quite comfortable with very basic and essential nesting items. Happiness may also be a casual dump bin or junk drawer in the kitchen or an uncompromising cubby system for the pantry. Despite your style of order, there is design method that’s right for you.

walk in closet designs

The concept of “out of sight out of mind” can be detrimental to some-especially if you can hardly remember to button up your shirt in the morning. Be it no fault of your own, some people are just natural forgetters. With a thousand and one thing trekking through the psyche its easy to forget a tie here and there, phone charger or even a wallet. So for this personality type let’s consider a few features to counter the forgetfulness they’ve been struggling with.

Design ideas for clarity:

  • Clear glass doors for everyday items and frosted ones for out-of-season ones
  • Open shelving solutions that rest at eye-level
  • Solid wood drawers with card holding spaces for proper labeling
  • Adequate lighting both natural and artificial (LED under-shelf lighting is a trending for many walk-in closet designs and styles)

Designs concepts for accessibility:

  • A deep catch-all drawer to hold small morning essentials
  • Charging station for electronics
  • Open shoe shelves of varying heights
  • Racks for recently pressed clothing as well as ties and belts
  • Hooks as opposed to shelves for bags and carriers

Pamper rooms and comfort stations

Though this type may seem more of a preference than an organizational type, comfort and cozy personalities can also work to inspire a particular room structure and design. If you are more inclined to hug over a high-five, you may enjoy a serene “dressing experience” as your optimum closet space. It can include a list of luxuries from plum centered ottomans and chaises to chandeliers and gold embellishments. Depending on your concept of snug your ideal space may feature a host of things that can range from expensive garnishes to tasteful and practical amenities.walk in closet

  • Seating such as benches, ottomans, armchairs and chaise lounges
  • Welcoming and inviting colors, natural lighting and fresh flowers
  • Plush carpeting and accent rugs
  • Vanities, prep tables and a laptop stand
  • Small accents (outside of what is needed for dressing) such as books, lamps and decorative vases

A few attributes of luxury:

  • Floor mounted storage systems for a “built-in” grand appearance
  • Dark brown or rich cherry cabinets
  • Full-length curtains in the entryway and short lavish curtains to conceal storage
  • Glass shelving and mirrors used as a shelf backsplash
  • Chandeliers and crown moulding

Design elements for the stringent organizer

In addition to being a very visual person or the affectionate type, people who are adamant about their schedules and color coded spice racks, will also demand a walk in closet with the finest organizational systems around. Rather than a catch-all drawer or hooks for most things, these planners and coordinators require drawer inserts for their ties and boutique-style dividers for jewelry, glasses and just about any other accessory you can think of. So even though the purpose of many walk-in closet designs and systems is to simplify our morning routines, natural organizer will likely require a bit more than most when it comes to the sift and sort process. Bearing these things in mind, here are a few items that may help to improve the quality of life for the neat and orderly.

Features for premium storage and organization:

  • Pull-out laundry bins for dirty clothes (one for a traditional wash and another for dry-cleaning)
  • Pull-down ironing board and iron storage cubby
  • Floor to ceiling shelving to maximize space
  • Extra double rod compartments to accommodate clothing of various sizes
  • Drawer dividers, inserts and organizers
  • Closed storage to keep folded clothing in-place and dust-free
  • A large selection of baskets and bins of multiple sizes
  • A storage chest or hutch as a divider between business clothes and casual attire

Finally, if you’re more concerned about style than function the list doesn’t stop here. Other great design personalities to consider when generating tailored walk in closet designs-for style rather than organization-may be contemporary, eclectic, traditional or country-cottage, just to name a few.

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