User-friendly gadgets for your house

Growth in technology has made things that once just used to be imagination, into a reality. The new gadgets continue to fuel imagination in their turn, and we see ideas that are futuristic and way beyond the usual that we see. Well, below are a few futuristic gadgets that will blow your imagination out.



An independent design by Christopher Holm-Hansen in Denmark, the Electrolux Tastee will help you gauge the proportion of ingredients as per other people sharing the table with you. Envisioned as a large spoon that indicates taste, Tastee uses receptors associated with human taste buds. It advises you if you have missed out salt or spice in your food.



Have you heard of a singing plate? Imagine your plate playing your favorite music along with the favorite dish to hog on. The smartplate designed by Romania’s Julian Caraulani functions as a sound speaker. It connects to your music player or smart phone wirelessly. It also attaches different musical note to the different cuisines on your plate. It promises to create the best culinary experience you would ever have.



Treat has been designed by Amy Mon-Chu Liu from Australia. It is a technology that keeps stored food fresh and intact and notifies you if it is not edible. It is a combination of a remote and mobile technology that changes color as per the food’s quality. A tree on the gadget indicates the food’s freshness. If the food becomes stale, not fit to eat then the tree falls down. Moreover, if you want hot food by the time you reach home then, a programmed mobile app will get your work done.



This is a perfect gadget for you if you’re a coffee freak or need the right cup of coffee after your get up. The design by China’s WenYaoCai stores in the exact proportion of sugar, coffee or milk an individual needs. It identifies the individual by the handprint and makes the perfect cup of coffee. Do not bother putting extra sugar or milk on your sleepy morning. Just a hand recognition, and step back while the machine makes your preferred coffee.


Easy Stir:

Expecting guests at home, and wondering you would not get time to entertain time while you are busy cooking?

Easy stir would assist you while you are busy chatting with your friends. Magnets built into the device help it calculate the speed of the stirring according to the cooking stage. It doesn’t need a battery or plug and it can be washed in the dishwasher too.


These futuristic home tools can make your life easier and simple. Several of these are just concepts far from reality, but they do give us an interesting peek at what the future might hold.

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