Unusual lamp designs that will make your home interesting like never before

Lighting is an essential part of any home décor. You can go for the eco friendly, cost-efficient and stylish lighting designs for your home and office. Doing this will save your money, save the environment, and you can increase the style quotient of your home and office. Following is a list of some unusual lamp designs that can give you all the above-mentioned things and make your life interesting.

Coral Lamp by Marko Vuckovic

Coral Lamp

Coral Lamp is a brainchild of a Serbian designer, Marko Vuckovic. It is a solar powered design and is inspired by the endangered coral species. A square shaped base holds a series of different sized coral shaped light bulbs. You need to place the lamp besides a window so that the solar panel located on the base top receives sunlight that makes the lamp glow at night. The coral shaped lamp gives an aquatic feel well within your home or office.

Pencil inspired HB lamp by Michael & George

Pencil inspired HB lamp

This is an introductory product by designers Michael & George. The lamp will remind you of those HB lead pencils that all of us have used at some point in our lives. The lamp is a made to order design handcrafted in the UK. The body is a cedar body with a yellow and golden satin finish, a brass polished ring, white blown glass light diffuser, a resin tip, and an 8m cable.

Moitié table lamp

Moitié table lamp

Coming from the house ofkutarq studio, the Moitié is an unusual lamp design where reflection is an integral part of the design. The angle of view varies the vision of the lamp, as in you get to see a different shape of it from different angles. The mirror reflects the half shape, thus, you get to see the full shape in the mirror.

Fish Lamps by Frank Gehry_2

Fish Lamps

Imagine your room having fish shaped lamps, what a nice aquatic feel they can give to your room. Architect Frank Gehry has come with an astonishing design that depicts numerous varieties of moving fish. When the lamp is lit, the light comes out through the fish’s scales and illuminates the room.

3D Optical Illusion of 2D Lamps

3D Optical Illusion of 2D Lamps

This particular concept of lamps is actually unusual wherein the lamps create a 3D illusion. They are a creation of a Tel Aviv based studio, which has used the 3D concept to create lamps with different shapes like a face, mountain, globe, balloon, and many more.


Form should always go with function, and as these designer lamps show, that is very much the case with thoughtful design.

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