Unique table designs to leave you awestruck

The world today does not reveres ordinary things but the unique and extraordinary stuff fascinates us. Following are such unusual table designs that will certainly leave you wondering as to where from the designers got such ideas from. Have a look:

Sparkle Palace Cocktail

Sparkle Palace Cocktail

John Foster is a designer based in Minneapolis, who is behind this beautiful creation, the unique cocktail table. It is so wondrous that your guests would be more fascinated by the table rather than the drinks. It is a design made using a round glass tabletop housed upon a reversed pyramid of glass crystals, which are cut in a super elegant way. The crystal glass cut divides the light into beautiful rainbow reflections that you can see on the wall.

Extruded Tree Coffee Table Design

Extruded Tree Coffee Table Design 2

This table is a unique design from Link Studios that presents a beautiful design on one side of the table, that of a tree silhouette. The broad opening at one end can also be used to store things like newspapers, and magazines.

Tilted Wood & Glass Coffee Table Design

Tilted Wood & Glass Coffee Table Design

There used to be a toy concept of stack-and-tip game of dominoes, and this tilted wood and glass coffee table has taken inspiration from that game only. It represents tilting of tiles in a slow motion sequence. However, the design looks simple to create but in reality, it is a pretty complex design to form because it requires a great deal of precision to give perfect angle and position to the tilting blocks, otherwise the entire catch would vanish.

The design is available with a wooden top but it would spoil all the show, as you will not be able to see the design from all sides. Therefore, a glass top with wooden sides is just perfect for this table. It is absolutely worthy of being a style statement in a drawing room.


The Table is a form of literary furniture designed by Toshinori Kamiya.

The Table is a form of literary furniture designed by Toshinori Kamiya. A table has a very high quotient of fun and functionality. Japanese designer has created this unique design wherein the alphabet “T” is the table with wide table top, and the other alphabets (A,B,L,E) form three comfortable seats because L and E together form a single seat.

Love Me

Love Me

A highly creative design that gives an illusion that the table is melting. The red color table looks as if the paint is dripping and it is melting.


Be it everything, today we are lucky enough to have creative versions of them. Same goes for table designs that are available in such unique shapes and patterns that add tremendous joy and excitement to the interior decoration.

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