Trendy Interior Makes a Hot Spot for Entertaining


trendy-interior-for-entertaining-kolenik-1-thumb-630xauto-491111: There’s some thing relating to this fashionable interior which carefully nightclub-esque. Maybe it’s the advanced finishes and/or plush low-rider couches. Maybe it’s the decked-out club, or perhaps the restroom urinal. Either way, this interior by fashion designer Robert Kolenik is worth lining-up for. Luckily for us, you may get the grand trip without ever leaving your seat! A contemporary style fireplace sits middle phase, available on all edges for satisfaction from any direction. The glossy wood-topped table reflects light shining from uncommon branch chandelier expense. This open-concept area is good for entertaining in the attached kitchen area, dining and living space. The residing area features a 2nd hearth that’s flanked by way of a set of couches and faced by two armchairs, enclosing this personal conversation area within a cozy development in the bigger open-concept layout.

trendy-interior-for-entertaining-kolenik-2-thumb-630xauto-491132: performed somebody state loungin’? We love the low-rider sofas, overloaded with pillows inside a “more is much more” approach that invites kicking straight back because of the fire. The fireplace features a modern-day design chimney atop a weathered lumber base.

trendy-interior-for-entertaining-kolenik-3-thumb-630xauto-491153: your kitchen lets the host cook and amuse at one time. Whon’t like a booming fire while whipping-up a feast? The tiny scale regarding the home concerning the large entertaining spaces hints that maybe, your client is more towards party than the preparation?

trendy-interior-for-entertaining-kolenik-4-thumb-autox653-491174: But people who perform difficult, work hard. Is that how a saying goes? Welcome to home office, that is all company with organized storage areas, work areas and great lighting effects.

trendy-interior-for-entertaining-kolenik-5-thumb-630xauto-491195: This sexy restroom further solidifies the home’s more is much more philosophy, with minor tiles in fifty shades… A substance, sculptural bath tub shares a cup wall surface with the shower on the other side. A wall-mounted lavatory is streamlined and sophisticated. Carpet underfoot, without precisely practical, is obviously a magnificent touch underfoot.

trendy-interior-for-entertaining-kolenik-6-thumb-630xauto-491236: This bar rivals many clubs, complete with a fantastic illuminated marble club that’s worthy of a toast. The textured wall surface behind is definitely an understated showpiece.

trendy-interior-for-entertaining-kolenik-8-thumb-autox824-491277: today, here’s one of those “nightclub” functions that provides the house its deluxe, custom-designed attraction – a bathroom that includes split his and her stalls!




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