The Small, Modern and Beautiful Tsubomi House



The beautiful Tsubomi House is divided into seven split levels without partitioning; all levels are connected by a staircase situated in the middle of the house. The Footprint of this house, including the biscuit shop that is part of the house, is only 26 sqm. All spaces are divided and isolated into different levels, but connect one room to another. This gives a feeling that each resident lives in multiple small spaces, yet in one large space simultaneously. Every split level is small – there is barely enough space to place furniture, but each room feels larger than it actually is.

From the shop on the ground floor, this metal staircase connects the kitchen and the dining on the first level, then the living space on the 2nd level, and finally the sleeping area on the top floor that is shared by all family members. A second set of concrete steps continue from the ground floor to the basement, housing the shop and its bathroom.




The fact that every space is so small and furthermore, without walls, can be advantageous – residents can move quickly from one space to another. Today, people communicate, get information and watch television by mobile phone or smart phone in a public space, like inside a train. Each family member already has his/her private media even without his/her own private room, so no one is inconvenienced. To be able to move quickly from room to room brings the family together.

The herringbone rectangle pattern is repeated on the ivory façade made of galvanized steel sheets and consistently applied to the exterior as well as the interior, evoking more three-dimensional experience. Almost all interior surfaces of the house are made of plywood.









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