The Reinvention of Normal: an enjoyable Profile of Whimsical Inventor and Artist Dominic Wilcox

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Inside brief profile by filmmaker Liam Saint-Pierre, we diving head-first in to the odd head of Brit musician and creator Dominic Wilcox who’s already been enjoyable the whole world for years with his delightfully not practical a few ideas. His present off-the-wall innovations come with a stained cup driverless car, shoes with built-in GPS that show you home, as well as a giant hearing product labeled as Binaudios that mimic traveler binoculars for the intended purpose of listening to a town. “Let’s perform some ridiculous and by performing the absurd something else might come of it,” Wilcox shares in the movie, perfectly encapsulating their entire imaginative practice. He in addition only posted a book full of comic-like sketches of his many outlandish a few ideas, Variations on Normal, that will be available on his site. (via It’s Great That)







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