The Perfect DIY Easy and Cute Bow Hairclip

bow hairclip wonderful DIY f3 The Perfect DIY Easy and Cute Bow HairclipThis week, my daughter was asked to share holiday hair accessory with the classmates . We got this idea of creating a bow hair clip . It’s easy to make, and look so pretty . I think, we also can put this ribbon bow on the headband, or use one red and one green color, what do you think ? This cute bow hair clip will be a nice gift too, please check the below tutorial and enjoy ~~~

Materials and tools :

hair clips,ribbons, scissors, needle and thread, lighters, plastic strips.

bow hairclip wonderful DIY 0 The Perfect DIY Easy and Cute Bow Hairclip

1. Cut two ribbons of the same length.

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 1

2. Paste double-sided adhesive or sew into two circles.

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 2

3. Put the interface side down, fold the Ribbons and sew with needle and thread.

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 3

4. Make another one with the same way and suture two .

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 4

5. Cut a small piece of ribbon, paste two double-sided adhesive.

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 5

6. Stick as shown the picture , you also can sew it.

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 6

7. Turn over , glue or stitch.

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 7

8. Find the center of the ribbons , sew it .

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 8

9. After the glue melt with a lighter and put it on the hairpin.

bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 9 bow hairclip-wonderful DIY 10

A pretty  bow hair clip was done, Enjoy it with your girls !

bow hairclip- wonderful DIY f2

You can change the color , decoration and add more ribbon to make your owl hair clip , be creative please and happy crafting !

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