The Perfect DIY Crochet Love Heart Coaster

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2015 Valentine’s day is around the corner ! Add a bit of romance to your table setting with these crochet heart coasters. It’s another way to get some fun and funky into your kitchen accessories.

Here we would like to share some crochet heart coaster free patterns with you , they are some of the easiest projects to crochet. You can make them with red ,pink or any other colors that you like .Follow these easy patterns for crochet coaster and you’ll have crafted coasters in no time! Happy crocheting ~

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Atty-s.blogspot — Crochet heart-coaster Free Pattern here  crochet heart coasters -wonderfuldiy3Ravelry — Crochet heart-coaster Free pattern HERE

crochet heart coasters -wonderfuldiy2This candy Heart Coaster is made using worsted weight cotton yarn, and to finish, a small heart cut out from felt is stitched in the center.

Ravelry — candy-hearts-coaster Free Pattern HERE


Crochet-3d-stuffed-heart Free Pattern — Check here


10+ FREE patterns for Valentine crochet projects — Check here

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