The Corner by Bower Architecture

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We understand that the scale and proportion of the building is a vital priority in Architecture and try to carefully balance these to attain unforgettable effects. The Corner is sited, shaped and orientated to allow its owners to enjoy a liveable and inviting house which interacts with landscape and streetscape.

The Corner may be paid off into two simple tips; a residence with one large amenity yard plus broken down building mass. When it was clarified during design procedure numerous future design decisions might be produced in regards to these two interlocking tips “ exactly how building size had been broken down and softened, where lifestyle spaces and rooms is, how the entry would work and so forth, the phrase of your home towards street and passer-by and so forth.

An integral part of our viewpoint is the fact that the best design solutions come out of the most difficult spatial dilemmas. The quick for Corner home presented us using the dependence on a somewhat big household and interior rooms around mid-sized web site. The process ended up being how exactly to fulfill this brief by having a contemporary sustainable household that linked to a good back yard and resulted in an exciting additional phrase that has been sensitive to its surroundings.

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As opposed to the traditional addition of front and back landscapes, the look idea sacrificed a back garden being develop a solitary, bigger front side yard. The result of siting the new dwelling towards south buttocks of this website to increase the setback from the primary frontage causes a property which will be both interesting and restrained in its road existence, satisfying its brief and good lasting design concepts.

Additional curves and screens soften the patterned sculptural façade, which floats above its tangible base. All of the interior lifestyle rooms tend to be filled numerous natural light, cross ventilation and warm materials, causing a comfortable and open low energy house all year round.

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