Table for just two: Window as Bridge & Barrier Between Shared Seat

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table public art piece

Placing you in limelight through a stranger, this set up in nyc actually perhaps-paradoxical commentary on both connection and isolation in urban surroundings.

table for just two project

Located at seventh Avenue and Carmine Street in Manhattan, Table for just two by Parisian indigenous Shani Ha was designed to split the individuals having window, however by its positioning and distance tends to make at the same time for intimately-shared moments.

table glass nyc art

Vicky Gan defines it as “part sculpture, part performance art, it challenges people who take a seat to look up from their smartphones and in to the eyes of a buddy, a stranger, or their very own reflections in the glass. A self-conscious homage to Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, the work knows the age-old notion of the major, crowded town as lonely, isolating location.”

table for 2 place art

Like most great little bit of interactive art, the tales about its consumption tend to be just what show it really works – deaf individuals interacting in indication language across the cup in one instance or even a couple conversing with one another (like in jail) on mobile phones in another.

table for 2 nyc

Technology, promises the artist, is accountable “making united states much more self-centered because [it offers] us the power to access only the people we decide to access,” whereas the objective in this piece is “to break the bridge amongst the exterior in addition to inside, and allow a as a type of communication between men and women.”

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Failed:There are no words in your article!

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