Sustainable Bike Concepts That Aim at Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

You may have heard of sustainable designs coming up for cars and airplanes. However, you would be delighted to know that even bike designers have started thinking of going greener with their sustainable bike concepts. Here are some amazing sustainable bike concepts that can be eco-friendly and highly beneficial in reducing your carbon footprint if they come into existence. Check them out.

Ele solar bicycle

Ele solar bicycle

With solar panels in its wheels, Ele has not failed to impress many people with its sustainability concept. This sustainable bike concept works on the energy of sun instead of electrical energy use to run a bike. While this hybrid bike can also be charged by electricity, it is preferably charged by the sunlight. This solar bicycle absorbs sunlight and the solar energy is then used to rotate its wheels. Designed by Mojtaba Raeisi, this sustainable bike concept looks quite different and stylish.

Sunny Day bike

Sunny Day bike

This is another sustainable bike concept that works on the use of solar panels to capture the sun’s energy for powering a bike. Larry Chen has designed this bike and has integrated solar panels very well into the design. While your bike rests in the sunshine, it charges its battery that can also be charged using a plug. While it is a sustainable concept, this bike can also run on electric power. It has been designed colorfully and ergonomically for a few minutes’ daily ride.

Win-Solar Energy Bike

Win-Solar Energy Bike 2

This sustainable bike concept has come from designer Chen Chun Tung. The intelligent bike knows when to put its rider on electric mode and when not to do that. The bike has the ability to convert various natural forms of energies into electric power and then storing that energy in its rechargeable battery. It is a very useful concept if turned into reality.

Solar Bike

Solar Bike by Juyoung Na

Solar Bike is another example of a bike concept that works on green energy technology. Juyoung Na has designed this compact bike with solar panels installed in its rear wheel. You may prefer to pedal or use its electric mode, but the bike will keep charging itself by using the available sunlight.

Dutch Solar Cycle Electric Bike

Dutch Solar Cycle Electric Bike

Developed by Solar Application Lab, this sustainable bike concept is another wonderful addition to solar bikes. This green bike runs on a battery charged by sunlight. To capture sunlight, there are solar panels installed in both its wheels. This lightweight electric bike looks cool and is easy to handle.


You may now find some great design concepts for sustainable bikes that run on the energy gained from natural sources like sunlight. This is another step toward reducing our carbon footprint.

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