Surrealist Sculptures by Ellen Jewett Merge Plant and Animal Life

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Artist Ellen Jewett describes the woman sculptural act as “natural record surrealist sculpture,” a mixture of plants, animals, and periodically human-made structures or items. Her artwork is deeply informed by an considerable history in anthropology, medical example, exotic animal attention, plus stop-motion animation, which accentuate the biological framework of each piece, while releasing her imagination to follow more abstract a few ideas.

Eventually, Jewett has grown to become more dedicated to minimizing materials and relying a bad area. “we find my sculptures are developing to be of better mental presence by making use of less actual material,” she stocks. Besides, she eschews any potentially harmful mediums like paints, glazes, and finishes, opting to use more natural, locally-sourced materials. “This, unavoidably, excludes nearly all of what exactly is commonly commercially available, and contains sent myself for a journey of unique material combination and invention.” By using these more unusual products, and making traces of fingerprints also minor flaws Jewett hopes her work makes a far more genuine impression.

You explore a lot more of Ellen’s run the woman site, and many of the woman pieces (some of that you simply see right here) are available for acquisition online.










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