Sumptuous Rotterdam Villa with Elegant Boutique Details

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1: fashion designer Robert Kolenik had carte blanche in designing the inner of the Rotterdam property, explaining it as “eco elegant attention candy for acutely comfortable residing.” Well said – and well-designed! Starting in the family area, the showpiece here – among numerous – is just a gorgeous, grey sofa designed by Kolenik. This U-shaped lap of deluxe cradles residents and guests with its 6.5-meter embrace – all in addition, in that case desired! This elegant entertaining space is focused around a stunning double-sided fireplace function finished in black tile from flooring to ceiling. Visible through the glass firebox, an eating area attracts dining and dialogue very long in to the evening. Maretti illumination throughout the villa is art and illumination, all at once. Inside living location, a whimsical cascade of cup bubbles grabs a person’s eye.



2: The dining table is topped by having a white onyx slab and supported underneath by way of a lychee tree trunk area.




3: Leading into the kitchen area is a set of sliding doors from Kolenik’s very own Bo’dor collection.




4: The master ensuite is perhaps the piece de weight of the home (really, we performed warn that there had been many showpieces here!) that includes a walk-in-closet offering flush seafood leather-based handles plus restroom this is certainly worthy of a trip, by having a freestanding soaker bathtub and walk-in shower wrapped in tiles like small jewels, and a couple of backlit black colored onyx basins.




5: The doors tend to be covered in brown alligator epidermis and fall on metal paths. Functional, and beautiful.




6: The home company is perhaps all business, outfitted having 2.5-by-2.5-meter deck with built-in media. The trunk wall surface includes a advanced Winkle therapy by Dofine, adorned with palisander timber cabinets. An elaborate chandelier overhead reminds us of fragile report, an amazing finishing touch for this well-appointed workspace.



7: The living area is deliciously modern-day, overlooked from a large-scale backlit art piece regarding wall. The modern white table is lined with dining chairs on a single side, plus workbench on the other, easily accommodating a dozen or more.


8: The kitchen is bright and open aided by the perfect dose of crisis – important ingredients for cooking, eating and taking pleasure in. The streamlined white area operates through the room along with its incorporated kitchen stove, sink and countertop and extending into a striking, illuminated tabletop on other end.


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