Stunning DIY Crochet Rug Ideas

Every room needs a rug! They’re a classic decoration element. They’re soft, child friendly (they just adore playing on them!) and as of now, they’re also super easy to make! Add a cherry on top to your room of choice by crocheting a rug that will instantly feel like a perfect fit!

Check out these simple and unique DIY crochet rugs that can soon be all yours!

Thick And Quick Area Rug

Thick And Quick

A perfect addition to the living room! It’s subtle, yet noticeable. Find the pattern at Chaleur Life and make Aladdin jealous!

Upcycled Crochet Rug


A perfect fit for lovers of minimalism and even crochet beginners. If you happen to be both, this might just be your “it” rug. All you need for this one is some fabric of choice, a big crochet hook and some scissors! And, of course, the instructions from Upcycle Magazine.

Doily Rug


This beauty of a rug is soft, dynamic and has that special lace-like look that gives the room a special touch of elegance! Careful though, you might end up staring at it for longer periods of time! (We wouldn’t blame you). Creative Jewish Mom shares the free pattern!

Rag Rug

Rag Rug

Spice up your living space by using vibrant, colorful fabric while making this stunning rag rug by Unravel. Make it the center of attention! The best part, however, is testing out how soft it is! Obviously.

Rainbow Rag Rug


Everybody loves rainbows! We were told as kids that at the end of a rainbow we can find good luck! Or maybe it’s at the beginning? Make this gorgeous rainbow rug and let us know! Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all OCD on it; take the advice from Look At What I Made and leave some room for flexibility and overflow!

Mandala Rug


They say mandalas calm you down and you can finally test that theory with this lovely rug! If it works, you’ll always have your zen place at hand – or, well, at feet. Does this sound appealing? See Tuts+ for a step-by-step tutorial!

Light Rug


To say that this idea is magical is an understatement! When the lights go off – the rug turns on! This one will definitely make your evenings special; romantic, even! Bauta Witch has the free pattern, but make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for an English version! (Unless you’re Swedish – in which case, Hej på dig!)

Basketball Rug


Don’t say that finding gifts for the man in your life is hard, because we have just found one! It also works on really stubborn teenage boys that don’t care for house décor! This rug is an absolute winner. See how Sarah from Repeat After Me made it happen!

Oval Rug


If round rugs are not your thing and rectangular ones bore you, try an oval one! It’s a nice addition to any room, plus it’s something special and we all love being the underdog sometimes! Go to Amanda’s Happy Hearth to see how you can make this blue beauty that most definitely won’t make you feel blue! (Pun intended).

Did you find what you were looking for? Great! Now arm yourself with a crochet hook, some yarn or fabric and get ready … set … rug!