Powerful Winds Carve Otherworldly Towers from Frozen Sand regarding the Shore of Lake Michigan


DSC_8956 picture by Joshua Nowicki

DSC_8963 picture by Joshua Nowicki

DSC_8983 photo by Joshua Nowicki

DSC_8988 image by Joshua Nowicki

DSC_9056 image by Joshua Nowicki

IMG_9048 image by Joshua Nowicki

While examining the shores around St. Joseph, Michigan last week, professional photographer Joshua Nowicki stumbled onto a bizarre trend: a large number of small sand towers rising out of the coastline, some over a foot tall. The strange layered sand castles are created when blasts of wind slowly erode layers of frozen sand, much like what sort of lake might gradually develop a canyon. Nowicki returned yesterday to shoot more photographs, but discovered that bright heavens had been adequate to melt them away. You can see a lot more of their photography right here. (via EarthSky)


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