Street Photographs Captured having Pinhole Camera Strapped into Face


Some road professional photographers choose to run stealthily, although some are strong and confrontational. Very few will look as odd as Nicholas Williams to people they photograph. The Ann Arbor, Michican-based artist went to New York City a year ago and shot a number of photographs using a strange-looking pinhole digital camera he strapped to their face with twine.

Williams locates it daunting to improve his digital camera to his face each time he desired to photograph somebody, therefore alternatively he made a decision to have his digital camera attached with their face at all times. Their digital camera is crafted regarding numerous home things and exposes a photograph when Williams opens up their lips.

Despite to what you may think, brand new Yorkers didn’t stare at Williams as he hit the streets along with his digital camera a year ago. Alternatively, they mostly dismissed him, Williams informs TIME’s Lightbox, which found and showcased his work.

On the contrary, when Williams went to his alma mater, the University of Michigan, along with his camera, individuals were disrupted by their odd contraption. One girl fled from him, leaving her stuff behind, thinking that he previously a bomb associated with his mind.

Here are some of pictures Williams has created so far together with one-of-a-kind digital camera:









You will find more of Williams run his website and through their Facebook web page.

Image credits: Photographs by Nicholas Williams and used with authorization