Social media marketing + Street Graffiti = Stenciled Signs of Our Times

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social media marketing child art

For much better and even worse, self-reflection and meta-art is definitely an unavoidable part of the electronic age – this artist acknowledges the blurred lines between physical walls and their Facebook equivalents, commenting on our relationship to social media which makes light from it and.

social media marketing text graffiti

social media selfie girl

social networking hashtag reality

iHeart(StreetArt) actually road singer located in Vancouver whose creations span the spectrum from standard tags and stencils to the a number of works showing on our digital everyday lives and interactions, especially just how young people tend to be raised in this odd brand-new culture of interaction.

social media marketing wall post

social discourse ironic subject

social networking download font

He variously makes use of, abuses, twists and repurposes aspects of our cordless language, offering hashtags and message bubbles brand new definition. While he just isn’t alone within search for geek graffiti or in utilizing road art for social discourse, their dark laughter and unique style set him aside.

personal stencil art design

social media marketing blank fill

social media marketing hashtag art

This will be also only a smaller sampling of a bigger human anatomy of work by iHeart which spans numerous road art styles including gallery and installation deals with subjects beyond contemporary digital relationship.

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