Smart gadgets that smartly use, and reuse water

Water conservation, for that matter conservation of every resource is necessary because we humans have already wasted and misused natural resources so much that now we just cannot afford to waste and misuse any of the natural resources. In case we do, the coming generations would be too unlucky to be deprived of energy on account of our reckless behavior.

Water is one commodity that we humans misuse the most, however, owing to the awareness that has come in people; the percentage of water wastage has really come down. There are many measures and precautions that people now take to save precious water and the smart gadgets that make it possible to reuse water is one of the effective ways. Scroll through to find out some very smart water reuse gadgets:

The Filterbrella

The Filterbrella

This concept is somewhat based on rainwater harvesting. Just as we use some pots and pans in our garden to store rainwater, this is an umbrella that collects, stores, and purifies rainwater. It collects all the raindrops that fall on it while you walk with Filterbrella in the rain. It is one very thoughtful and a smart gadget designed by designer Andrew Leinonen.

The Filterbrella is an eco-friendly product that makes you do your own bit to sustain the environment. The canopy of this eco umbrella is made of poly-lactic acid plastic blends, and the hollow rod has a carbon filter. This rod collects rainwater, the carbon filter in the rod purifies the water, and at the base of the rod you have a bottle in which the purified water gets stored. The purified water is absolutely fit for drinking.

The Washup

The Washup

We use washing machines without much of realization of the water that is wasted. Well not anymore, as Washup is a gadget that integrates washing machine with the toilet flush. Whenever you wash clothes, the water is collected and can be used for the flush. It certainly is a smart water reuse gadget but also a smart space saver, especially in those small bathrooms where one hardly gets any space to place washing machines.

The Phyto-Purification Bathroom

The Phyto-Purification Bathroom 2

It is an eco shower that is an ideal combination of modern design and sustainability. It is equipped with a hydraulic system that channels waste water through a collection of plants. Each part of the plants plays a significant role in cleaning water.


The smart water reuse gadgets are doing a great work to conserve water and prevent water wastage.

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