Secret Lives of Superheroes: Realistically Posed Action Figures


secret everyday lives of superheroes 1

The key resides of superheroes are far more boring than you might imagine, with all the Ebony Widow helping the Hulk trim their armpit locks, Spiderman scrubbing Captain America’s shield, Thor taking selfies and Wolverine getting fresh because of the women. Indonesian photographer Edy Hardjo utilizes top-notch activity figures and minimal Photoshop generate funny lifelike scenes of characters through the worlds of DC Comics, Marvel and beyond.

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secret life of superheroes 3

Intrigued by just how closely a few of the figures resemble the stars that play the figures on film, Hardjo started initially to wonder whether he might use them to inform some new tales of his or her own.

secret lives of superheroes 7

The figures tend to be posed in comedic little scenes that use each personality’s character.

secret lives of superheroes 4

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Hardjo relies mostly on the lifelike attributes of figures themselves, additionally uses Photoshop sufficient to digitally remove really stands and apparent bones.

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Behind-the-scene photos showing how each scene is posed can be seen in the musician’s Twitter page

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