Playful in Paris: Life-Sized Interactive Street Art

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levalet road art 1

Everyday objects and defects when you look at the metropolitan surfaces of Paris come to be section of strange and unanticipated views as French musician Levalet includes them into life-sized road art. A bull head sculpture turns into a minotaur, map available; a figure through a jackhammer goes to work with a wrecked part of wall surface; a display field for advertisements is transformed into an x-ray machine.

levalet 16

levalet 14

levalet road art 4

levalet street art 2

Known by-day being an art teacher known as Charles Leval, the musician produces funny views that communicate with idiosyncrasies and often-unnoticed details into the material of the city.

levalet street art 15

levalet street art 3

levalet street art 5

The life-sized wheat paste posters make the most of everything from pipes and spigots to false windows and concrete recesses.

levalet road art 6

levalet 8

levalet 9

Levalet walks all over city selecting the best places for his work, takes dimensions and creates the paste-ups at home before going back to their selected places and setting up the task.

levalet 13

levalet 12

levalet 10

He told Street Art News he views most of the specific moments become part of a larger framework, “where I make an effort to determine a cosmology of a synchronous globe.”

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[ By Steph in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

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