Parametrium of Contrasts by Geometrix Design

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Parametrium of Contrasts by Geometrix Design:

“In this task, we used the concept of parametric architecture again; however, this time around the style had been more complex and elaborated: there isn’t any space between panels (the people won’t value dust), that is the reason why the wall seems like a complex monolithic factor with complex curves, some features act as racks, many of them tend to be ornamental just. This makes the space search ultramodern, the structure becoming significantly compensated by making the sleep spot inside a light art deco style: a leather-based quilted bed having a ceiling-high head, soft and cozy illumination – all this helps make the room cozy and allows admiring the architectonic design ‘from the outside’. Considering that the architectonic wall surface is within focus, we decided to use a restrained combination of graphite grey and white.

The soft fabric of this curtains and bedcover aids the total amount of materials.

At entry, you will observe a mirror cube regarding right; this is a constrained decoy – on client’s request a part of the room was allocated for the large full-scale walk-in closet. For this voluminous factor to not conceal space, it had been decorated with mirrors, makes it possible for to aesthetically wthhold the space dimensions, include light from reflected window, and it is pragmatic: a mirror is a must-be within a room having a walk-in cabinet.

When it comes to ceilings, we do not do just about anything about them. That’s why the luminaires are surface-mounted and rotatable. On the one-hand, they’re going to lay increased exposure of the complex geometry of the wall surface, however – they will offer perfect lighting regarding the space and dealing location whenever necessary”.”Parametrium-of-Contrasts-01-850x567












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