Out of Gift Ideas? Try These Cozy DIY Knit Scarves!

Everybody loves a great gift, especially if it’s something we actually need and something that’s hand-made, making it that much more personal and thoughtful. Similarly, we all want to outdo ourselves every holiday season by giving the best possible gifts to our loved ones. It sounds stressful, but it’s not! It can actually be lots of fun! Why not try making some of the following DIY knit scarves, to give a gift that keeps on giving. It keeps your loved one warm all winter, it’s thoughtful, personal and they’ll have it for years to come! Do you like the sound of that? Great, keep on reading!

LBTB 682x1024 Out of Gift Ideas? Try These Cozy DIY Knit Scarves!

When trendy meets simple. It goes with every attire, so your friend or family member can wear it anytime, anywhere. Use a bulky yarn to make it super soft and cozy! Visit Lady by the Bay for a pattern!


UD Out of Gift Ideas? Try These Cozy DIY Knit Scarves!

Since ombre has been dominating the hairstyles for the past two years, why not bring it into your gift making as well? Unique Dizigns tells you all about how to make this soft beauty! It’s a perfect gift for that one friend that always follows the latest trends (or has an ombre colored hair).


Buttons add a fun dynamic to pretty much everything. The cut of a simple neck warmer keeps you warm during those freezing days, but still provides you with much maneuvering space, if you’re not an enthusiast of long scarves and bulky cowls. Craft Know It All may just be your soulmate.


Infinity Snood

Here’s an idea for your significant other! Tell them you want to share your days with them infinitely, by knitting them this lovely scarf, embellished with an infinity sign! Go to Stitch Me Softly to see the (softly delivered) instructions.


Another infinity, but of different kind. This scarf goes for days! With that, the possibilities of wearing it are endless! Make this gift for your super creative friend or that family member who loves to experiment with garments. They will love it! Ashley Lillies provides you with a knitting pattern.


stanascrittersetc_long stripy scarf
Harry Potter is not the only one who’s a fan of long and stripy scarves. The longer, the better! The stripes really add a special touch. Make this beauty by Stana’s Critters Etc. and we guarantee you that your loved one will much appreciate all the time you put into making it! Get in line, Potter.


Look like royalty, feel like royalty. A simple scarf that you can make for the queen or king of your life. Let them know they rule your world! (Or maybe you know an actual member of the royal family, in which case, this gift is not only highly recommended, but also really appropriate). Head over to Purl Soho to see the royal pattern!


Lacy Ruffle Scarf

We all have that one friend that’s really flamboyant and always in the center of attention. This is the perfect gift for them! Nothing makes a person stand out more than a ruffled lace! And we’re willing to bet they will ask you: “Where did you buy it?” Because the end result looks so chic, people will think it’s straight from a boutique! See, it even rhymes. Hop on to Red Heart and start knitting!

Maybe you would still like to say that you’ve knitted a scarf, but don’t know how to knit yet or think you don’t have enough time to learn at the moment, in the midst of this holiday madness. Just for you, we’ve picked out two simple and quick ways to knit a scarf, no knitting needles needed!



Use a knitting loom to make a scarf! Pick a thick yarn for a quick & easy option! Nobody will ever be able to tell that there were no knitting needles involved and you will still feel like a super knitter! Lovin’ From The Oven guides you through the process.



Yes, you read that right. Sometimes we don’t need knitting needles, because Mother Nature gave us arms. Sounds ridiculous? Well, The DIY Mommy begs to differ and we all know that mothers are always right!

Now that you have many ideas to choose from, you can happily sit on the couch with kilometers of yarn in your lap, binge-watch Downton Abbey and make those last-minute gifts for your loved ones… May the knitting begin!

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