Ocean View Residence Embraces Earth – Fire – Air – Water

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1: Overlooking English Bay with vistas of UBC and Vancouver Island, this western Vancouver, BC, Canada residence embraces all four elements to make a way of life of tranquility within the hubbub of metropolitan life. Fashion designer Claudio Leccacorvi created a cozy and inviting escape the home owners that includes this spectacular outdoor terrace complete with a big and comfy lounging area, a modern linear fireplace covered with rock, a spa bathtub that overlooks an infinity share and, obviously the treed and liquid viewlines. With fire, atmosphere and water dominating the vignettes, earth was presented with a supplementary boost via the succulents in the rectangular container regarding the coffee table.


2: The two loungers while watching infinity pool blend unobtrusively using concrete terrace – only their particular pops of purple cushions draw a person’s eye. To advance focus on our planet element from the terrace, large concrete urns grown with evergreen vegetation are strategically put into such a manner whilst to not ever hinder the panoramic views.


3: The Terrace has stairs down to a second, lower level. Here a far more intimate furniture grouping is arranged an additional inset hearth guarantees warmth during cooler climate. Concrete Urns tend to be because carefully positioned on this level as the upper as well as the artistic movement from a single to the other create connectivity into home overhead. Overlooking the Terrace would be the residing location regarding the remaining, the dining location straight ahead and simply from picture may be the company on right.

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4: any office actually clean and modern environment, supplying no inside distraction on just work at hand. A big timber work desk around chrome base floats at the heart associated with room plus comfy soft leather-based task chair easily glides over the duration of the desk. A midtone hardwood floor is shielded through the seat from a huge multi toned area rug. The abstract design in the rug plays off the straight wall surface art beside the screen wall surface. Even though the office is generally kept available, it may be closed off to the adjoining space with a sliding door on an uncovered track. The handle on home is really a 36″ brushed nickel pull with 4 articles that fits in using the exposed track and also the chrome bases at the office furniture.


5: work is situated next to the dining area together with dining table can be used being a meeting put up if you need to. The large plank table actually stunning natural addition to the space because would be the two stone clad pillars. Nestled involving the pillars actually walnut cabinet – perfect for saving dining table linens and good dinnerware. Over the case actually contemporary font canvas that accumulates the sandy shade regarding upholstered chairs and area rug. Balancing out of the cozy colors would be the black chair legs, the oval bowl available as well as the smoked cup chandelier.


6: The table can be found beside the foyer and is offered the excess views for the yard through sidelights and transom that surround the doors. Keeping the scene lines intact, the designer opted for an open tread stairwell with a solitary stringer. Because of the treads within a pale lumber together with stringer in an ebony finish, the stairs take on an additional dimension of geometrical art this is certainly contrasted resistant to the organic wall surface of stone.


7: The double volume height of the stairwell produces the opportunity to feature 3 fractal globes of light in various sizes that each and every, when turned on, creates a stunning screen of shadow and light in the surrounding wall space that’s kept alive through open treads and cup balustrade.


8: on the reverse side regarding the dining area is the living room. Here a sizable rock fireplace could be the just split towards outside views and even though huge and heavy in appearance, the natural product combinations harmoniously with all the landscape past. Balancing the weight of the fireplace is the media wall surface which outfitted in panels of walnut, the black shaded lamps while the umber hue from the large sectional. Contrasting on blues and greens associated with vista are the pops of red via pillows and one swivel seat but these purple shades tend to be hinted at through the fireplace façade together with big urn when you look at the place. Air plants regarding the system table and succulents regarding the coffee table bring peaceful moments of greenery inside.


9: Whimsical details in the family area are the huge boulder poufs at the fireplace plus the high trunk area sculptures in the 3 floor cubes.


10: The kitchen is found in a different room and it is adequate to feature a centre island with bar sitting on two sides. Horizontal whole grain walnut veneered cabinetry is completed down with white solid area counters that transform in to the edges of cupboards via their waterfall edges. While one stretch of cabinetry comes with a commercial kitchen stove and 36″ of counter room either side, another wall comes with a preparation counter with refrigerator on a single side and wine cooler on the other.


11: the household room accesses the terrace via its own pair of sliding doors and, just like the kitchen, horizontal grain walnut cabinetry is showcased. The cabinetry runs the length of the hearth wall surface except for the marble hearth facing. This room, even more then the other individuals functions blasts of color via poufs, pillows and screen products.


12: The master suite is found upstairs and embraces the colour palette of nightfall. Soft grey wall space with a sign of lavender wrap the area even though the bed sheets and accent seat have a dusky color of blue.


13: around through the bed is a hearth both for temperature and atmosphere and integrated over the fire, is a TV. The height regarding the TV is perfect for bedside watching. The ensuite into the Master Suite is certainly not closed faraway from the bed room but is instead coming utilizing the edge of the bathtub visible next to the window wall.


14: The bathtub actually freestanding rectangular structure – ideal for a contemporary environment. Around from the tub is just a big walk-in bath this is certainly accessed by way of a solitary swinging frameless glass home flanked by cup panels. The cup panel on left has been custom cut to suit around a bench chair this is certainly in both and not in the bath. An element wall of stacked mini subway tiles in differing shades of beige and white draw a person’s eye as much as the large square rain-shower attached inside roof.


15: the big 12″x24″ marble flooring tiles repeat and follow the line of the stacked design of mini subway tiles within the shower.


16: At right sides toward bath is the vanity. 3 simple pendants tend to be suspended as you’re watching frameless mirror that is mounted high enough to accommodate the wall surface mounted faucets. Two huge rectangular vessel sinks sit happy with the white solid surface countertop and walnut cabinetry floats off of the floor. The decision of products is in keeping with other areas of the home, creating a unifying movement which allows featured items to take over.



17: whilst the beauty regarding the inside areas is duplicated on facade, the designer has opted for to provide the street view as one of personal containment. Walls of rock and fascias of black colored are just interrupted by small clerestory house windows, the all-natural lumber regarding garage door and wall surface next to the entry, plus the entry it self.



18:18: its only if you get to the entry and determine into and at night residence your full impact of this elements planet, fire, air and liquid tend to be realized.


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