Next Gen Kitchen Gadgets to Transform Your Cooking Experience

Technology is progressing rapidly and with each passing day, newer and better gadgets are making their way into our lives. The immense use and functions have made these gadgets a must have in every walk of life. Perhaps the kitchen is the best place where we could witness the great use of these technological innovations. Given below is a list of some astounding and outlandish futuristic kitchen gadgets that would completely change your cooking experience for better.

Garden Pod:

Garden Pod

Garden Pod is a modular sustainable house that works with the energy derived by the use of natural resources. It is space saving, as you can place the gadget outside the building. The gadget works on the energy derived from common organic waste generated in our house every day. The gadget features a container to hold organic waste materials. Over the time, this organic waste converts into compost. This compost, along with sunlight and water, is used to grow non-biotic sprouts that turn into fresh vegetables with a day. The water required for plant growth that we could obtain from air moisture, precipitations and water wasted by air conditioners. Thus, the green POD is the ultimate solution for problems, such as lack of green spaces, over populated cities and food shortage.



Izotz is a unique and ecological food storage system, which also is capable to grow food. Designed by Iker Legarda Gabiria, it is based on the eco-friendly vacuum technology. The system is designed such that it keeps leftover food fresh and undamaged by covering the food with a biopolymer spray for longer use. The spray keeps the food free from foul smell and makes it possible to peel the food and reuse it. Thus, you would be enjoy healthy and fresh food, safe from harmful chemicals and pollution, at home in the near future.

U- Bubble:

U- Bubble

Have you ever imagined yourself in a bubble land full of pretty bubbles that has your favorite chocolates within? A creative invention of Chengyin Zhang from China, the U-Bubble free-floating refrigerator is actually designed to create free-floating refrigerated bubbles that would hover around your kitchen to keep you updated about your kitchen supplies. The bubbles might carry different sorts of things like vegetables and fruits and use magnetic energy for the same. Made up of a transparent film, the bubbles act like an interface and get charged by tapping themselves against charger fixed inside the ceiling.


“the Cooreater

For those who want to enjoy music while cooking, here is an all-new concept, “the Cooreater,” designed to transform your cooking stove into a complete entertainment hub. It will rejuvenate your senses of taste, touch and snoop, and make it possible for you to create your own personalized music from the ingredients that you use for preparing your meals. With the Cooreater, you can have a video conversation with your loved ones and share your recipes and dishes with them.


From harden POD to the Cooreeater, all these concept gadgets will make your life easy and enjoyable so much so that it will bring fun into your lives.

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