New connections and Glasses Give You 2.8x Zoom by way of a Wink of Eye


Fed up with having eyeballs with fixed focal lengths? Researchers allow us new telescopic contact lenses and eyeglasses that can offer your eyes 2.8x zoom having a quick wink of this eye.

The prototypes, produced by researchers at EPFL in Switzerland, are designed to supply enhanced vision when it comes to calculated 285 million visually impaired people globally.

Each one of the contact lenses provides a 2.8x zoom boost using a “thin reflective telescope” embedded to the 1.55mm dense lens. Tiny mirrors bounce light around, magnifying the scene when it comes to user.

In addition to the fixed focal length lenses, the scientists have also created a couple of spectacles that, when used aided by the connections, permit variable focal size eyesight.

The eyeglasses utilize special light polarizing technology to modify the contacts between regular and telephoto mode by having a wink of this wearer’s attention. Winking the right attention switches to 2.8x zoom mode, and winking the left attention restores normal 1x eyesight.

Experts are taking care of enhancing the wearability and optical picture quality of these special associates and spectacles.

(via EPFL via CNN)

Image credits: Header photograph by Eric Tremblay and Joe Ford. Due to EPFL.