Mufflers: 10 imaginative Acoustic Highway sound Barriers

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Highway Acoustic Walls 1a
These imaginative acoustic highway sound obstacles combine form with function, neatly preventing the sound of roadway traffic while looking darned good in the act.

Highway Acoustic Walls 1b

This proposal for an environmentally-friendly acoustic buffer (“Forest Corridor”) in Hong-Kong ended up being designed by Bread Studio to satisfy three rigid problems: hiding the sight of the highway from nearby residential structures, enhancing the view of the highway’s underside for people within the park below, and relieving motorists from any claustrophobic impressions while they sail through the de facto tunnel.

Leapin’ Lizards!

Highway Acoustic Walls 2a

Highway Acoustic Walls 2b

Stretching for six miles along both edges associated with the Pima Freeway’s sound barrier wall in Scottsdale, AZ, “The route Many Traveled” by singer Carolyn Braaksma evokes the primary nature of area’s desert ecosystem.

Highway Acoustic Walls 2c

Interspersed among a mix of abstract and Native American-style themes are prickly pear cacti taking a stand to 40 feet high and huge lizards practically 70 feet very long.

Demonstrably Breathtaking

Highway Acoustic Walls 3a

Highway Acoustic Walls 3b

Melbourne’s freeway community may be the biggest of every Australian city, and without sound obstacles the aural impact on residential communities could be substantial. Inexpensive and unimaginative acoustic walls would also have a negative impact on drivers so an enjoyable compromise was attained that pleased both.

Highway Acoustic Walls 3c

Tinted acrylic synthetic panels set into noise wall space over the EastLink Freeway safeguard audio insulation while adding visual interest at a reasonable expense. Wish to begin to see the world through rose-colored noise obstacles? Get eyes to Australia!

“Sixty Seconds of Architecture”

Highway Acoustic Walls 4a

Highway Acoustic Walls 4b

Louwman Exclusive vehicles is really a high-end unique vehicle dealership based in Utrecht, holland, only from the A2 highway between Amsterdam and Maastricht. Instead of making do having bland and boring noise wall surface, the dealership opted alternatively for an acoustic barrier “designed through the point of view of a circulation of cars driving by with all the speed of 120 km/h.” Quick company undoubtedly.

Highway Acoustic Walls 4e

Highway Acoustic Walls 4d

Highway Acoustic Walls 4f

Highway Acoustic Walls 4c

Extending 1.5 kilometers in length, the 5,500,000-euro buffer designed by Kas Oosterhuis widens up to a 30m “cockpit” that accommodates the automobile supplier’s showroom and service bays. Undoubtedly it’s very peaceful inside as well.

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Mufflers 10 creative Acoustic Highway sound Barriers

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Failed:There are no words in your article!

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