Mirrored: pictures Show the Parallels of Two Cities on Opposite Sides of the Globe


“Mirrored” is just a image task that was a collaboration between professional photographers Markus Andersen and Elif Suyabatmaz. It’s some diptychs showing daily life on other stops associated with globe: Andersen is based out of Sydney, Australian Continent, and Suyabatmaz relies regarding Istanbul, Turkey. In each set of photos, the selected photos “mirror each other in both apparent and subtle techniques.”

Anderson informs us which he and Suyabatmaz failed to go out and shoot comparable photos for the true purpose of this project. Alternatively, both males — with significantly more than 80,000 supporters on Instagram between the two of those — worked from 2011 through 2014 at documenting their particular town through black-and-white photographs grabbed on the iPhones.

It was through editing procedure that these comparable “mirror” shots were found and paired collectively. Below are a few for the diptychs found in the series:










The photographers are currently likely to hold an convention for “Mirrored” in the Australian Centre for Photography from April 12th through Summer seventh. They also hope to publish a photograph book for the global market “very quickly.”

Image credits: Photographs by Markus Andersen and Elif Suyabatmaz and combined with permission