Lambent Seashore Fireworks Photographed by Paul Edmondson


(c) Paul Edmondson / Cancel


(c) Paul Edmondson / Cancel

For his electrical captures of fireworks along Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula, Seattle-based photographer Paul Edmondson projects the lambent explosions in a brand new light, executing long exposure times and uncommon cropping methods to shove each igneous tendril to the domain of abstraction.

Edmondson’s vision touches in the play without becoming redundant or platitude. Edmondson favors smaller-scale combustions as a result of his close proximity with all the blast, and he’s attentive to buy products which are not dangerous . Its magic, Edmondson says, is unable to call the form and trajectory of every detonation that is serendipitous.

As with much Edmondson uses fireworks to learn more about different humanity with all the natural landscape of the world or the complicated relationships. Says the artist, “My pictures really are a primary result… to how we’re in a position to create such unbelievable light, attractiveness as well as colour by lighting a match.”


(c) Paul Edmondson / Cancel


(c) Paul Edmondson / Cancel


(c) Paul Edmondson / Cancel

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