Live the Low Maintenance Life with a Lawn Free Backyard

Let’s face it would you rather be doing something else, anything else than mowing your back lawn. Surely the weekend could be put to better use than dealing with the lawn for the better part of your Saturday?  Think of the time and effort you could save by having a  lawn free backyard.

Lawn Free BackyardIf you’re stuck as the primary caretaker for your lawn and property, or regularly pay someone else to take care of it for you, you may want to consider trading in your grass mass for a lawn free backyard.Even though front yard spaces can sometimes be equally difficult to maintain, it’s something about a full back yard scene on lawn mow day that really spells out “exhaustion.” So bearing that in mind, we decided to focus on the larger of the two spaces to aim for a new backyard expanse for all of us.

Well-deserved hype about lawn free

Lawn free backyard spaces have increased in popularity for a lot of people because of the spanning from life changes such as empty nesters that no longer need help the assistance of matured children in the house to passionate concerns for the environment and best practices for conserving energy and resources.

lawn free

The last reason is a common one and holds a lot of weight with many homeowners and that is there is no hiding the fact that lawn care eats up resources such as water and fuel and often requires chemical usage for proper maintenance.

Grass alternatives should be considered as we can all benefit from property grounds that are less taxing on our local water supply. This is also a reason why certain municipalities have even gone to the extent of rewarding homeowners who have decided to go the lawn free route.

Design ideas to Ignite the landscaper in you

Even if you recognize the benefits of a lawn free backyard, it may still take you sometime to act on these ambitions. We understand that years of having a traditional backyard as well as the wide meadow-like comforts of a fully serviced grass patch, may prevent you from hiring that landscaper or gather a list of useful design concepts appropriate for lawn care.

Lawn Free Backyard

Landscaping ideas to fill up your backyard space:

  • lush greenery
  • colorful flower beds and plants
  • ground cover plants
  • waterfalls and ponds
  • boulders
  • metal slabs or stepping stones
  • decorative pebbles and stones
  • gravel
  • small trees
  • an edible garden
  • a patio, deck and pathway or steps (for inclines)

Many of these ideas can be easily curated and arranged with a bit of research and plant knowledge, along with the assistance of your local home and garden store and others may be executed best with the help of a professional landscaper or architect. As you advance in the process, you’ll know when to call in the pros and when to tread it alone.

Getting started with an anti-grass movement

There are a few steps that you can take to start your lawn free backyard right away with just a small amount of materials on hand. The simplest way is filling the grass void with a variety of plant life.

Ground cover plants

A landscape can easily be covered with a range of plants, from the tall and lofty to the short and stubby. Some grass alternatives such as the various types of ground cover plants can cover very large sections of a yard, similar to grass, but with less of a pinch on the environment and your spare time.

Below are some common ground cover plants to consider:

  • Bishops Weed
  • Mondo Grass
  • Verbenia
  • Juniper
  • Sweet Woodruff
  • Sedum
  • Vinca

Since these plants rest low to the ground, they require little cutting and maintenance which makes them ideal candidates for a lawn free backyard or front space. Although, they do require weeding and mulching initially, in the long run, the labor and costs involved will be much less than a traditional lawn.

Ground cover plants are frequently used to address landscaping issues and can fill in certain gaps such as the space between stepping stones or cracks in a pathway. They are also tolerant to drought and therefore, retain water for rough times that is great for dry and arid climates.

As a bonus, depending on the variety selected is that ground cover plants also flower during the spring and summer times, adding color and variance to your landscape. Vinca, for instance, sprouts a beautiful purple flower during the summer.


Additional tips for a successful lawn free landscape

1. When selecting greenery, choose plants that are native to your region to increase their chance of survival.

2. Educate yourself on plant maintenance to ensure the best results for your property, now and in the future.

3. When shopping around for landscapes ideas, aim to use materials that match the style and makeup of your home to create a flowing and consistent atmosphere throughout.

Share your knowledge: Have you recently gone lawn free? What techniques do you employ to create a lawn free backyard or front space?

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