Lighting Fundamentals: High-speed Sync Versus Flash Duration

In the event that you’re just getting started in mastering tips light your chance with flashes, you may well be confused towards terms “high rate sync” and “flash duration.” Here’s a helpful 6-minute primer in which professional photographer Daniel Norton explains exactly what those two concepts tend to be, the way they vary, and which circumstances they show up in handy for.

In his first example, Norton uses high speed sync to take at 1/4000th of the 2nd, well over the utmost sync rate of his flash (1/250s in typical mode), to be able to capture a patio portrait at f/1.2 for a really shallow depth of industry.


Norton after that works on the brief flash duration (1/15000s) being freeze flying liquid in midair with tack-sharp clarity.


(via Adorama TV via ISO 1200)