Just Why You Need an Outdoor Shower Kit and How to Get Started

Outdoor shower kitIf these sticky hot summer days have you fantasizing about winter bathing with polar bear clubs, then you may need to consider treating yourself to an outdoor shower kit. Even without being an exhibitionist at heart, or an avid tree-hugger, an outdoor shower can reform the way you do rustic by making everyday activities smoother and more fun for everyone.

For instance, a couple of things that can benefit from a quick rinse outside like pool musings, the family pet, a muddy you after a day of gardening, a sweaty and “grummy” you after a day of anything hard laboring.

And in addition to the many uses you can drum up for these sweet patio accents, outdoor shower kit is easy to obtain on a budget of under $2,000. They can be easily executed from start to finish with not much more than a garden hose and a bit of plumbing know-how (for simple ambitions).

Outdoor shower kit

Pinpointing the right location

So, if you’re convinced that outdoor showering is a pleasure you must indulge in, then the first thing you want to do is identify whether or not your property is suitable for it. Some properties simply cannot handle the drainage or other types of issues that may come up with the installation and maintenance of this type of fixture, so check with your city, town or parish first before purchasing a kit.

Things to keep in mind when choosing the best location:

● Will my fixture be freestanding or connected to my home plumbing?
● Will I need to build an enclosure or walls for privacy?
● Will I be able to receive a good amount of sunlight?

These and other questions are essential for proper outdoor shower kit installation. And as always, a professional should be consulted if you feel you’ve reached your limit on expertise and proficiency. Many laborers can go into the construction of an outdoor shower, including plumbers, masons, and general contractors.

Whom you need to hire though, depends on the complexity of the job and what you are both willing and capable of completing on your own.

shower kit

Generally speaking, outdoor shower kit is one that can be purchased from a retailer that is boxed and “ready-to-go” with minimal work and preparation. These kits are usually limited to the actual shower itself and may include a freestanding or wall-mounted shower panel, without an enclosure. Enclosures are not essential obviously, but are often sought after by many who have neighbors close by or just harbor normal concerns regarding privacy though bear in mind they are also what usually drives the price of an outdoor shower up into the high thousands.

Typical enclosures will range from basic wood boxes and one-sided concrete walls to elaborately tiled, glass and stone structures. Your budget (including labor and materials) will likely decide what type of enclosure to invest in, if at all.

Outdoor shower ideas to motivate and inspire

Finally, visualizing your outdoor shower as more than a place to complete mundane washing rituals is a great way to motivate you to get started.

Below are a few vacation-inspired outdoor shower ideas that can provide you with a spa-like experience right in your backyard.

outdoor shower kit

A week in Maui

Since many outdoor bathing experiences are in fact sparked by warmer climates, getaways such as Hawaii or the Caribbean are great places to look for outdoor shower ideas. With resorts and spas all about pleasing foreign guests, you can rest assure that most of their aesthetics are on cue-from the bedding and towel arrangements to the showers outdoors.

A few outdoor shower ideas taken from Maui retreats:
● a two-tower cleanly finished cherry colored shower stand with large brass shower heads-one fixed and the other flexible or extendable
● a basic shower fixture with matching light colored wood panels for the shower backing, floor and bench seating (a very natural and easy to obtain the look)
● a shower landscape with a rich stone walkway decorated by exotic plants, stone shower flooring to match the walkway and grand stone pillars for an entryway
● a simple bamboo enclosure with a very basic basement shower head, stone slab for seating and wood panel flooring

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