Jeb Bush’s Wedding pictures Were Shot and destroyed by their young Brother Marvin


The picture above could be the only picture Jeb Bush has actually of his marriage 41 years ago. Here’s why: Bush made the mistake of permitting his more youthful brother Marvin becoming their formal marriage photographer. Marvin, who had been nevertheless in senior school at that time, made the tragic mistake of rerolling already-exposed movie.

Jeb shared the photo and story yesterday on their Facebook account to express pleased anniversary to his spouse.

Post by Jeb Bush.

TIME reporter Zeke Miller found more details as to what occurred in the book my dad, My President: an individual Account associated with the lifetime of George H. W. Bush. Here’s just what Marvin must state about that time:

It absolutely was with that feeling of heightened self-importance that We volunteered is the professional photographer for Jeb and Columba’s wedding. Nobody actually protested due to the fact ceremony had been tiny and reasonably casual and Jeb and Columba were almost young ones. So, if they had been responsible adequate to get hitched, after that possibly I was accountable enough to memorialize the big event for both people. Appears good, right?

Rather than make use of prepackaged moves of film, Marvin desired to become a purist such as the various other photographers at his high school, therefore he rolled his or her own film — bad concept.

The cool thing with my fellow senior high school photographers would be to roll your very own movie from spools that held hundreds of frames. It appealed towards “starving musician” mindset and was a indication of being a purist. Therefore, in expectation of Jeb and Columba’s marriage, we rolled a couple of canisters of film and packed all of them for Austin […] So, for the much better section of two days I clicked method, naively imagining that Jeb would permanently be grateful to their little cousin for beautiful photo album that would memorialize his big day.

Just afterwards, while processing the movie in darkroom, performed Marvin realize the magnitude of his careless mistake:

Initial minute of panic arrived whenever I was in the darkroom, reviewing the negatives from marriage rolls. The structures seemed also congested with conflicting pictures. I happened to be wishing that my eyesight was playing games beside me, thus I printed one of several structures. That’s once the genuine queasiness hit. Because the report decided to the chemical substances inside tray, I started to look at picture of the guitar more than a image of my grandmother and my parents. Uh-oh! It hit me such as a ton of bricks. I had rerolled previously used film that had been taken at a Frank Zappa concert […] Every single picture for the Bush and Garnica households had whether photo of Frank Zappa and/or members of their musical organization, the moms of Invention, superimposed onto their own pictures. I recall thinking to myself a Frank Sinatra picture may have been acceptable–not Frank Zappa!

The storyline comes with a faint (and humorous) gold lining. Marvin goes on:

The good news is, my mother thought to simply take one image of Jeb and Columba together with her Kodak pocket Instamatic, and therefore picture, copied several times over, is in scrapbooks as well as on coffee tables in Texas, Maine, and Florida.

The epilogue towards the story, never previously revealed to your household members, is I submitted a photo of groom and bride (yes, with Zappa) in a art tv show in school. I labeled as the picture some thing smart like “Zappa’s Bride” and won 3rd reward within the photography group.