Interesting and Environmentally Friendly Bus Stop Concepts

Nowadays, people use their own cars or vehicles for commutation, instead of public transportation services. Unique and innovative concepts in bus stop designs can certainly make more people interested in using public transport and help reduce emission of pollutants into the environment. Let us look at some such exceptional bus stop concepts in the following sections.

Sustainable Bus Stop

Sustainable Bus Stop:

This bus stop uses an innovative technique wherein energy generated from people walking inside the bus stop is used to recharge the battery packs fitted inside the bus stop. A number of power generating slabs, called the Pavegen, have been added around the bus stop in the ground. As people walk over them, the generated energy converts into electricity and thus is used for recharging the batteries.



It is a solar powered bus stop, which lets commuters carry out many activities rather than just sitting idle in a corner. The bus stop is fitted with touch screen displays, which show details about shortest route for reaching a destination or get the bus schedule. Additionally, you will also be able to browse the net, check level of pollution in the air, see where your bus is currently and use the bus stop to post ads or announcements just like any other community message board.

Bird Bus Stop_1

Bird Bus Stop:

This concept involves having local plant on rooftop of bus stops. The advantage of such implementation will be that it will attract birds and provide them with food and shelter. The reason for the selection of the bus stops is that they scatter uniformly across the city and are ideal location for such a project.

Bus Stop by Gavin Harvey

Bus Stop by Gavin Harvey:

This is a unique bus stop concept that can charge any electric bus wirelessly. In addition, there is provision to charge laptops and cell phones inside the bus stop, which can be quite a useful feature for daily passengers.



It is a bus stop, which makes use of pressure pads and solar panels to generate electricity to power itself. In addition to it, the material used to construct the bus stop is environmentally friendly, as it could be recycled with ease in the days to come. The bus stop also shows routes in new color codes, making it simpler to understand. Moreover, it makes use of GPS to track the location of the passengers.


These new bus stop concepts are certainly quite innovative and, if implemented, will result in greater satisfaction for passengers and attract more people towards public transport.

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