Innovative and Functional Computer Mouse Concepts

With computers and laptops becoming an integral part of our workplaces as well as homes, we need some creative and functional mouse designs to enhance our productivity at work. However, new mouse concepts are being designed almost every day that not just add style to the uses but also ensure comfort and safety. Let us look at some such exceptional mouse concepts that are practical and at the same time fully functional.  

I Contact mouse concept

I Contact:

In this technologically advanced mouse design, a lens similar to any other contact lens, we generally use, is inserted into the eye. The only difference is that this lens has several sensors that track the eye movement and relay the position of the eye to the receiver connected with your PC. With this mouse, users will be able to control the mouse click with the blink of eye.

Apple Slim Mouse Design by Tryi Yeh

Apple Slim Mouse:

This Apple mouse comes with Bluetooth and can be micro-adjusted to switch between laser of 1600dpi and trackball of 400dpi. In addition to it, the mouse will be available in plastic and aluminum finishes. However, the use of trackball in the design does look out of place for today’s world.

Arc Mouse Concept

Arc Mouse:

In case you find it difficult to operate the mouse over the curved arm of your chair or over your leg, then Arc Mouse could be a solution for you. Particularly designed to operate over curved as well as flat surfaces with ease, Arc mouse works on wireless connectivity, making it easier to work at places where a flat desk is not available.

Leaf Wireless Mouse

Leaf Wireless Mouse:

It is a concept mouse with self-sustaining features, which means you will not have to worry about changing batteries or charging them. As user switches on the mouse and moves it around, the Wireless Mouse generates kinetic energy through various motions power itself. In short, the mouse is self-sustainable and does not require external power.

Levitating Computer Mouse

Levitating Computer Mouse:

It is a wireless mouse that uses a mouse pad as base and a floating mouse with a magnet ring. The main aim of this mouse is to prevent as well as treat CTS or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in people who use computer for longer durations. The CTS arises due to extra pressure on median nerve of the wrist and result in numbness and muscle damage in fingers. Thus, the Levitating Computer Mouse helps prevent the extra pressure on the wrist of the user and ensures complete safety.


There are many different concepts being tested and experimented in the field of computer mouse development. If implemented, these designs can certainly make your computing experience much easier and comfortable.

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