If these designs had their way, ironing would be way cooler

Ironing is a part of our daily chores. You probably have the standard iron and ironing board at home for tackling this task. Designers have decided to give a makeover to the simple iron and turn it into a multitasking genius. Recently several interesting iron concepts have been doing the rounds. In the following you will find the best of them listed.

Easy Glider

Easy Glider steam iron concept

The Easy Glider is a sleek and user-friendly steam iron concept. The lightweight steam iron can be used on any surface and its base is very slim. The ergonomic design and better gripping technique of the Easy Glider prevents repetitive strain injury. The steam controlling button has been conveniently placed just behind your fingers. The amount of steam generated by the Easy Glider depends on the pressure you put on the button. The 3 wheels attached with the base function on a lock mechanism so that the iron can be used on the ground as well as on an iron table.

360 Iron

360 Iron

The 360 Iron has not made any revolutionary changes to the traditional iron yet it has made the existing design more competent and user friendly. It has a touch screen display which is more convenient than the usual switches and buttons. The twist of your wrists is transferred to the iron so that you do not have to use too much pressure or strain your hand. The 360 Iron has a soft grip in front of the power cord. The touch screen is located just above the soft grip so that you can easily monitor and control the iron. The flexible joint makes it easier to move the iron as you please on top of the clothes.

Steam Iron with LED

Steam Iron

Designed by Tatasuya Kobayashi, the Steam Iron with LED is a convenient and helpful household appliance concept which has LED lights. The Red LED light will tell you about the temperature of the iron. The silicone lining of the iron will help in preventing your hands from getting burnt by chance.

Sleek Mouse Iron

Sleek Mouse Iron

Adam Wendel’s iron concept resembles the Apple Magic Mouse. It has got a FOLED interface and ergonomic design. It is so sleek that you will not feel any strain while ironing clothes for hours with it. Another specialty of this iron concept is its ball joint which also acts as a water reservoir.

Tech designers are changing the age old traditional model of irons and turning them into a more efficient household gadget. The modern iron concepts can make your tedious chores more enjoyable.

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