Tips Turn an iPad and iPhone Into a Negative movie Viewing Station

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A couple of years ago, we typed exactly how mobile phones can be used as negative film strip watchers simply by inverting the screens. Swedish professional photographer Adam af Ekenstam took the idea one step more through an iPad and iPhone collectively being a easy however powerful unfavorable watching place.

Af Ekenstam makes use of their iPhone by way of a blank white display as lightbox alternative for backlighting the strips. On his iPad, he establishes the display screen to inverted and grayscale making use of the choices present SettingsGeneralAccessibility.


He can then place any unfavorable film strip in-between the iPad while the iPhone with one of is own fingers whilst the iPad’s digital camera is available. His other side can be used to tweak numerous iPad preview options (e.g. AF/AE lock, visibility, zoom) to obtain a better view each photo.

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Here’s a brief video guide af Ekenstam built to show this simple (and pretty much known) trick:

You certainly can do a similar thing having an Android os tablet, obviously. Just consider how to invert your display.