How to Choose the Best LED Lighting for Your Needs

Nowadays, you may have noticed that there are many different types and models of LED lights to choose from. You can now buy LED lights almost anywhere (although the best place to find them is still in electrical supply firms), and you only need to choose the most ideal LED lighting based on what it is that you need and require.

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But whether you are on the lookout for a simple LED light bulb or an LED tube light or floodlight, there are still some essential factors to think about. Here’s a rundown on what you should consider when it comes to LED lights:

The brightness

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Of course, the very first aspect to consider when you are purchasing LED lighting is its level of brightness. But for those who are unaware of the levels of brightness of LED lights, this can become quite confusing – after all, the brightness of a typical LED bulb will be different from a typical incandescent bulb.

You can, however, make use of the wattage stated on the LED package simply to compare the illumination of the bulb. For instance, if you see a 9-watt LED light, its output is equal to a 45-watt incandescent light. This is the simplest way to compare. But if you want to be doubly sure, you can look at the LED’s lumen value. Lumens are the measurement units used to indicate a light’s brightness and what you need to remember is that the higher the lumen value, the brighter the light is.

The difference between ‘cool’ and ‘warm’

‘cool’ and ‘warm’ difference

Another aspect you need to consider when selecting LED lights is their warmth or coolness. Today, there are many LED lights which are categorised as having ‘cool’ light, which is white. The ‘warm’ LED lights often have a yellow-coloured light.

To differentiate and know which one is better for your requirements: cool light is better if you are looking for lighting that can make various specific tasks easier (such as cooking, working on the computer, or working on machinery), while warm light is more ideal for lighting up a small space or area or accentuating a particular space or object (accent lighting).

The difference between a dimmable and a standard LED light

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Now, you also have a choice between standard LED lights or LED lights which have the capacity to be dimmed. These dimmable lights are ideal for reception areas, conference rooms and meeting rooms, or a living area or bedroom. Note that these dimmable LED lights should be able to operate on a standard switch for dimming.

Pin-base LED lights or standard or ordinary base LED lights

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Yet another factor to consider when you are choosing your LED lighting is whether you should opt for pin-base LEDs or ordinary (standard) base LEDs. LED lighting today is available in different varieties of pin bases or sockets or the standard screw-on base (also known as the Edison base), which is also more ideal for track or recessed lighting.

When it comes to your LED lighting needs and your other requirements in regards to electrical supplies, you can always turn to electrical wholesalers like Recon Electrical, which not only features the most competitive pricing – it also makes searching for whatever you need easier and more convenient as well.

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