Home in Nogyang by studio_GAON

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2nd flooring may be the primary space of the house, with the master suite, family area, home, and energy space. This place has actually adequate solution area that the homemaker takes care of your family within a appropriate distance. The room for 3 kids is put in the third flooring, plus the small living room unsealed a slit on to the floor to deliver light associated with the skylight towards the second floor.

Between folks, we truly need proper length, maybe not past an acceptable limit or otherwise not also close. It™s a exact same story to a family. There have been different special tools to keep the distances between family members in old haunts, such as for example maru, yard, fences, and doorways. But modern-day houses have plenty of ˜space™ but no ˜private space™, so that folks are seen and interfered by the numerous.

To secure the exact distance between people since the land is little and there are lots of family, we laminated the spaces vertically. Personal area and general public space are arranged side by side on each flooring that there is sufficient independence plus trade.

The home is built regarding boundary between traditional family members idea and brand-new paradigm. It™s this type of weird boundary to allow them to develop a residence and live.

The 1st flooring directly attached to the outside area is actually for their old mama. It absolutely was designed to have independence such as a studio, equipping a bathroom and kitchenette. More, to react to the alteration of neighborhood or the lifecycle associated with family, it features a individual entry.

This residence is actually for three years: three kids, several, and their particular old mommy. Each of them wanted unique space, and has room enough for his or her fundamental living area, but the web site location had been 147㎡, that has been pretty little. Besides, they had cash for the building area might be just 147㎡, though some part of the land ended up being planned to-be used in a fully planned road. We only have had to locate a way while building your house in order to fit in the land.

House in Nogyang is facing the boundary of this green-belt, which boundary that town can™t increase any longer. Its near downtown but quiet, near to a flat complex, primary college, and Nogyang section.


The form for the size is after the shape of the land, particularly emphasized on the 2nd flooring terrace, it feels like an extensive opened window. While deciding setback legislation, we place the boiler space on the front side aided by the stairs maneuvering to the roof, also it turned into a crude element. That produced tiny tone from the roof, and turned into a frame to represent a boundary in which suits a classic domestic area and greenbelt.


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