Hand-Painted Ceramic Bowls filled up with Detailed Hippos, Foxes and Deer

Animal Bowls, 2004, Hella Jongerius for Nymphenburg © Nymphenburg

These animal-filled porcelain bowls were meticulously crafted by hand and created by Hella Jongerius for payment by Nymphenburg, a Bavarian porcelain make considering that the mid-18th century. The series was produced as event of animal collection present in their archives, and includes 3D creatures within the quick glazed bowls.

The ceramics display animals that look like they’ve been temporarily and calmly placed upon the fragile bowls—curious foxes, wild birds, and miniature hippos joyfully plopped in their delicate environments. The displays may also be painted by hand with flowery attractive patterns originally entirely on Nymphenburg’s glasses and saucers, including delicate detail to the glossed ceramic works. (via Jongeriuslab)




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