Glassy Pools of Used Motor Oil mirror the Architectural Splendor of the Swiss Church

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La Mise en Abîme (2013, used oil, metal) / All pictures courtesy We discover Wildness







Developed by Swiss artist Romain Crelier, La Mise en Abîme (an idiom that communicates exactly the same thing as “a curveball,” but suggests, about, “to have placed into an abyss”) was a aesthetically arresting artwork set up on the floor for the Bellelay Abbey in Switzerland back in 2013. The piece is made up of two low swimming pools of used motor oil that work as mirrors, reflecting the detailed architecture associated with the surrounding inside. The crude juxtaposition of recycled oil as well as the impeccably maintained aesthetic of a twelfth century church ended up beingn’t lost regarding the artist who regarded the piece as “monochrome paintings using a despised substance.” You can observe even more photographs on We discover Wildness. (via We Find Wildness, This Isn’t Happiness, thnx Kathy!)

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