Futuristic concept yachts that define luxury on the waves

Everything in this world is undergoing change because of the innovative ideas, and yachts are no exception to this. Following are some out of the world yacht concepts, which are a brainchild of some creative designers.


Concept yacht ‘Nouveau’

This concept is all set to change the entire definition of a yacht, as it is so high on the aesthetic value that hardly any yacht of the past fits this criterion. The yacht has two VIP cabins with a superior design, and there is a space on the deck from where one can have a panoramic 360-degree view of the surroundings.

Yacht design by Zaha Hadid-1

Yacht design by Zaha Hadid

This is a design proposed by designer Zaha Hadid. The design takes inspiration from underwater ecosystem. The hull shape resembles that of a sea animal. The upper part of the yacht looks like an exoskeleton of an animal that is found in natural marine bodies.

ACAPULCO 55 concept by Christian Grande

ACAPULCO 55 concept by Christian Grande

ACAPULCO 55 is a 55-metre long yacht that has muscular designs and is quite powerful. The designer has given the hull a black color to show the sportive nature of the yacht. The freeboard is clean and aerodynamic, as the bow anchors hide behind the special flush housings. We get to see a harmonious joining of the upper and the lower deck.

Selazzio 95

Selazzio 95

Selazzio 95 is the latest design from the house of Dutch yacht builder ICON. The yacht builder has worked with Austrian design house to design this amazing explorer yacht. This explorer yacht has ample outdoor deck space. The design is based on the 95-meter hull platform, a 22-meter beam that supports spacious living rooms. The interior design is based on the theme of columns and spherical shapes.

Breeze 137M yatch

Breeze 137M

Breeze 137M is a fresh concept from Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design, which has a new approach and amazing nautical spirit. Careful use of materials and architectural detailing has given this concept a breathtaking design. It is spacious, luxurious, sustainable and comfortable. Breeze 137M is perfect for a relaxing day out with family and friends.


The Xhibitionist 

The Xhibitionist is not just a yacht but a floating office as well. It is Swedish designer Eduard Gray’s latest creation. The designer kept latest trends and requirements in mind while creating this design. According to the designer, the Exhibitionist is fit to serve as a concert venue, a floating office, and an automotive showroom.


The penchant for innovation and remarkable creative ability has made certain designers to come up with futuristic yacht concepts.

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