French Mailman Spends 33 many years Building Epic Palace From Pebbles Collected On their 18-Mile Mail Route

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France is chock-full of palaces, but there’s one – Palais Ideal – that stands apart that beats all others being a thing of beauty and commitment. Ferdinand Cheval, a French postman without formal architectural or creative education, invested 33 many years building this extraordinary framework by cementing together oddly-shaped stones which he discovered along his post course.


Building in the palace began in 1879 and was finished in 1912. After stumbling on a unusual rock that inspired their dream, Cheval started to walk his 18-mile mail course having a wheelbarrow so he could collect other strange stones and pebbles.

The Palace Best is found in Hauterives, a city in southeastern France. Its open practically all 12 months for visits, and frequently is a venue for extraordinary concerts and art events. If you’re traveling to France, but this amazing work of DIY outsider art on your own number!

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palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-15Image credits: Emmanuel Georges

palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-9Image credits: Thierry Ollivier

palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-16Image credits: Emmanuel Georges

palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-13Image credits: Daderot

palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-3Image credits: Marie Cardon


palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-10Image credits: Thierry Ollivier

palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-4Image credits: Emmanuel Georges


palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-7Image credits: Thierry Ollivier

palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-2Image credits: Wim Constant

palace-ideal-33-years-postman-ferdinand-cheval-11Image credits: Thierry Ollivier

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