Forget Coffins – natural Burial Pods Will switch all your family members Into Trees

The notion of coming full circle and returning whence we originated from is certainly one that attracts many of us, despite our trust (or lack thereof), and this is definitely an concept captured completely by this beautiful new burial technique created in Italy. The Capsula Mundi project by developers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel is promoting an organic, biodegradable burial pill that’ll switch the deceased’s human anatomy into nutrients for a tree that’ll grow from their remains.

After being encapsulated in fetal place, the deceased is hidden and whether tree or tree seed is grown above their particular capsule. The project’s website already includes a few woods to choose from.

The task happens to be just a idea because Italian law forbids these types of burials. If it had been permitted to proceed, however, the project’s aim is to generate whole memorial areas saturated in woods in the place of tombstones. And in place of destroying and burying wood for wooden coffins, we might, at the conclusion of our everyday lives, supply sustenance for brand new trees rather. And even, the concept which our family members and descendants could check out our tree, care for it and sleep in its tone is really a comforting one.

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An Italian organization developed an eco-friendly replacement for coffins


In place of checking out cemeteries, mourners can see sacred woodlands


Each customer should be able to pick their particular favorite tree



Individuals buried within the pods becomes nutrients for their opted for woods




The benefit of these burial pods is the fact that the human anatomy will not only serve as a supply of life up to a tree, but additionally provide an natural kind for residing family to check out.

Human Now Tree Later



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