Foolproof Designs and Privacy Fence Types For Your Updated Home

privacy fence typesWhether you’ve always been a bit apprehensive about your unmarked property line or finally had it with onlookers during your afternoon sittings, there are a variety of privacy fence types on the market to address your concerns for intimacy.

With materials ranging from traditional wood to fiberglass, acrylic and steel, there is good chance you’ll find a fence style to suit your own personal needs and objectives. And since wood dominates most of the literature on fencing, being the mother of all fences, we thought it would be nice to spice things up a bit by starting out with some of the not-so-traditional materials used for property enclosures.

Even if you don’t live in a cutting edge bungalow, you can still add a serious amount of class and style to your home with some of these popular fencing concepts.

Frosted glass panels

A full or partially frosted glass fence is a great choice for homeowners who want to maintain their privacy in a trendy and attractive manner. Many frosted and tempered glass panels have made their way into landscape and home renovation projects with a list of stunning frame and design options.

Panels are often accompanied by tasteful additions of wood slats in various patterns and forms. If you’re able to hire a top-shelf fencing company or architect there is a good chance you’ll see many of these artful displays firsthand.The fusion is just amazing. In some cases you’ll also find glass panels accented with a full adjacent wood fence for a similar dramatic effect.

Consequently, with wood slat and glass alterations, it’s easy to achieve a semi private look for your home-the glass provides a small window inside and the wood acts as a first line of defence against possible intruders. Additionally, glass also does an excellent of letting in plenty of sunlight for your afternoon sittings, as oppose to many other fencing options.

Thin sheeted steel

Another very stylish and mod approach to fencing is to utilize thin steel sheets or blades to create a very private and simple enclosure. With one look its as if the fence is one solid piece and with another the slight openings between each blade can be seen.

This type of construction is designed by placing sheets of steel on a slight angle, either horizontally or vertically, and then welding them to a base or frame (without any of the sheets touching one another).

The fence itself is really only formed by the closeness of the bars or blades which often measure to be less than 5 or 6 inches in thick. The slight openings between each metal piece is what gives the fence its wonderful artistic flair as well as an opening to the outside world. The appeal is the same as any other design; homeowners are given privacy and security along with a great look that provides some degree of flexibility and accessibility.

Lattice fencing

Though lattice is a type of wood fence, it still made its way onto the list as it is truly a unique and treasured type of enclosure. Often exhibited in nicely fit cottage homes, the variations and arrangements of this timeless structure allow for just about any design approach-whether traditional, Asian, upscale, or contemporary.

The lattice wood fence is also versatile in its design because it comes in a range of weaves, from very open and loose to tight and close-fitting. And though a loose weave may not seem relevant as privacy fence types go, the addition of the right type of greenery beneath the fence can actually turn a naked wall into a lush green fortress in due time.

Lattice fencing can also be used on porches to provide an informal screen between you and your neighbors as well as an added decorative feature on top of a traditional wood fence.

Tips before purchasing and installing any of the mentioned privacy fence typesprivacy fence types

In closing, here are a few things to keep in mind as you settle on a privacy fence of your own:

  • Check with your local municipality regarding building codes and other relevant information as it relates to how high your fence can be as well as property line concerns before installation
  • Consult your neighbor before initiating your project; to maintain a good relationship overall, it may be wise to discuss any issues that would impact your neighbor beforehand
  • Know your do-it-yourself limits and hire a fencing company who specialize in the listed above; shop around for prices on your own but don’t underestimate the value of expert advice and/or consultations

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