Five most amazing Murphy bed designs

The Murphy beds are a perfectly stylish solution if you are looking for a space efficient yet stylish bed. The creativity and the elegance of the Murphy beds make them an absolute addition to your place. Murphy beds are available in an array of designs and this article focuses on five happening latest designs of the same. Read to know more.


Castle Murphy Bed:

This is the most coolest and amazing of all the Murphy Beds. The façade of castle pulled down by a drawbridge is now ready to be used as your bed. Built by Tiny Town Studios, the exclusive bed can be yours in $3500.


Piano Murphy Bed:

This is a convertible bed in the shape of a piano and takes you to the era of early twentieth century. The bed is perfectly suitable for large families, which live in small houses and are looking for less space consuming options. The bed at the same time is very cozy and comfortable.


BedUp Ceiling Bed:

This designer bed is again a perfect example of space efficient furniture and comes from the house of Decadrages. The bed is suspended from the ceiling and can be accommodated in a mere four square meter area of any apartment. During the day the under ceiling storage of the bed facilitates integrated lighting and at night it comes down like an elevator which eliminates the need of moving the furniture from one place to another.


Red Nest, Hidden Bed:

Created by Paul Coudamy from France, this incredibly designed bed has a beautiful in built hidden bookshelf and this shelf acts like a mobile block that regulates the opening of the bed. The bed is painted in carmine red gloss-paint, which best suits, the contrast matte white walls.


Boxetti’s Wall Bed:

Designed by designer Rolands Landsbergs from Latvia, this amazing bed contains everything that is required inside a bedroom right from the bed to the wardrobe. The bed consists of a series of modules and each part or module of the bed can be pushed or fitted back inside the bed after it is being used. The minimalistic design feature suits to all space crammed apartments and studios. There is also a spotlight for providing light, which is fixed above the headboard of the bed.


Looking for bed to fit in a compact space without compromising style, these Murphy beds are space efficient yet very stylish and chic.

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